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  There are different ways to play cricket:
Test Cricket In its traditional form cricket is played in such a way that each of the two teams has to opportunity to bat twice during a match. That means it has twice the chance to run scores. The duraction of a game varies between two and five days. The five-day game is the International Test Cricket.
One Day Cricket The One Day Cricket never lasts more than one day. At the end of the day the game ends with a valid result.
Super 4s Super 4s is a special form of cricket. Only four players of a team are on the field - hence its name. The game itself and the rules are very similar to those of other forms of cricket.
  But let us start with some general Information :
Modern cricket is a team sport coming from England. It is primarily known and popular in areas formerely belonging to the British Empire. The most important international Test Teams are England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Southafrica, Newzealand, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean (West Indies).

The cricket language is rather pecular and somehow reflects the rather complicated and eccentric game itself.

The game is played between two opposing teams. Each team has eleven players. The playground is a huge field, normally grassy.

Normally, a team is composed of players having different strengths and qualities. Some of the players are specialized on batting, others on bowling. Only a few of the players are very good in both disciplines. A very specialized player is the Wicketkeeper.

Special fielder

In the centre of the field there is a longitudinal grassy area (normally 20m long). This is the Pitch or Wicket. On either side of the central grassy area there are three stumps, vertically driven into the ground, side by side. These are the Stumps. The distance between two stumps is a little bit smaller than the diametre of a cricket ball. On top of the stumps, there are two thin sticks, the so-called Bails. The construct formed of the stumps and the bails is often called Wicket. In front of each such wicket, there is a white chalk line, the Crease. The game is controlled by two umpires.

Central part of field, 20 times 3 metres, often called Wicket
Expression having various meanings: Pitch, construct of stumps and bails, batsman out
Three wooden sticks on top of which are placed the bails, the whole construct is called Wicket
Thin wooden sticks lying on top of the stumps
Chalk line near the wickets

The duration of a game varies in time and number of balls bowled. One of the teams starts batting (scoring), the other starts bowling. There are two batsmen of the same team on the field at one given time, one on either side of the wicket.