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The Cricket Ground is a Huge Grassy Area: Bild mit Feldspielern
Large Picture of a Cricket Ground with Positions of the Players The Cricket Ground...

... is a nicely cut grassy field of impressive dimensions. There is no particular rule on the exact size of the field, dimensions vary.

Although a cricket team consists of twelve players, only eleven out of them are on the ground during a game. The twelfth remains outside as a reserve player and comes into the game in case one of the other players gets hurt. One of the field players takes the position of the so-called wicketkeeper, another player is the bowler. Thus, there are nine fielders left which take positions as instructed by the captain. Depending on whether the captain decides on a defensive or offensive game, the fielders' posistions vary and so do their tactics.

The general tactics are decided based on several factors. One of the factors is whether the fielding team has already played the part of the batting team. If so, it depends whether the captain considers the scores made during batting high enough to have a chance to win. If the scores are deemed high enough, the fielders will play rather devensively, that means the fielders will be positioned in such a way that they can catch a high number of balls, thus keeping the opponent's scores low. If, however, their own scores are deemed rather low, they will play aggressively, i.e. the bowler will bowl aggressivle in order to enhance chances that the opposing batsman makes a mistake. In this case, the fielders will be positioned near the batsman.

Picture of Pitch within the Playground The Pitch...

... is a rectangular area, a central piece within the playground. Its length is 20,12m, measured from bowling crease to bowling crease. Its width is 3,05m. It is bordered by the return creases. The long sides are bordered by imaginary lines lying 1.52m right and 1.52m left of the imaginary central line which is formed by the central stumps of the two wickets. Confusingly, the pitch is often called "wicket".

Picture of a Wicket The Wickets ...

... are located at the two ends of the pitch. 1.22m within each short side of the pitch there is a white chalk line on which there are the wickets. Another 1.22m within the wickets another white chalk line marks the batting crease. The bowling crease is at the wickets' height. On either side of the batting crease the chalk line is prolonged by 0.51m. This is the return crease, where the batsman has to return to after a run before the fielders are able to throw the ball to the wicket.